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The content of this course is the same as in the video course except that it uses audio only, instead...
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The level of study starts from Primary 3 to 6. Suitable for students in primary schools up to lower secondary....
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The level of study starts from Secondary 1 to Secondary 4. This course is very good for students in the...
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The level of study starts from Secondary 1 to  post-graduate levels. These lessons have been prepared for students and adults...
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We estimate that it will take our students six months to one year to master our two basic courses if he/she learns the lessons at least 1 hour a day. The intermediate course will take a longer time to master as grammar is usually a subject that takes a lot of time to master. After six months of studying the course, please write to us a letter, in English, about the progress you made in your spoken and written English. We will forward you a beautifully printed Certificate for your future use.

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